Leslie S. Miller | Screen, Stage & Voice-over Actress
“Leslie is a true professional. Whether on stage or back stage, when she’s given a job, you don’t have to worry about that job anymore.”
– Jerry Monroe, Director
“Leslie is an extraordinary talent, creative actor, and a joy to work with.”
– Tom Haine, Director
“You have been a STAR! ”
– Producer Markie Madden
“The narration of Veronica’s Grave is pitch-perfect-from the sweet voice of a young child at the beginning to that of a spunky young adult off to see the world. Special challenges involved singing a few lines in one part, speaking French in another. Due to Leslie’s talents, professionalism and aplomb, the recording is a joy to hear, a story to remember. ”
– Producer Barbara Bracht Donsky


Currently filming new Episodic,
airing 2018, details soon


Audiobook Veronica’s Grave
by Barbara Bracht Donsky


Melissa Tiffin
Creative Talent Management