Leslie S. Miller, originally from Boston, is a beach loving, doggy mommy, who loves to travel. She fell in love with the theater at an early age, studying acting and dance at the prestigious Capachione School of Performing Arts under Dori Bryan and classical vocal training with both Teresa Capachione and the esteemed Andrea DelGiudice. This led to her pursue a BA in Theater at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Her theater dreams shifted from stage to screen as she now pursues a career in television and film. She has since relocated to California where she resides with her two dogs, husband, and an embarrassing large collection of cookbooks.

Her bubbly youthful voice has enabled her to branch into the world of voice over.  She has enjoyed training with renowned voice over artists Marc Graue and William Williams.  Some of her favorite types of roles to play include the loyal best friend, quirky neighbor, loving mother and favorite teacher. But don’t let this sweet voice fool you, she can play a great mean girl.